Although Father’s Day was yesterday, I wanted to take the time to devote this post to those who are fathers or will be in the near future. As children, we are all heavily influenced by our parents in one capacity or another and in many ways those influences mold and shape us into the individuals we are today. From my own personal experience, when I think of my dad and the influence he has had on my life, I am reminded of the countless random statistics that he would constantly preach. As I got older, I realized that his statistics weren’t QUITE so accurate, but rather were intended to be little tidbits of wisdom that he wanted me to remember on down the line. One of his all time favorites that is forever engrained in my head, being “Ninety-nine percent of the goals that you don’t write down will never come to fruition.” Obviously his percentages are a little off, however, the principle behind what he was trying to reiterate is so very true. His intent was to stress the importance of writing down goals on a daily basis and chasing them.

I should have prefaced this with the fact that EVERY single morning my father would wake up, make his coffee, sit down at the desk in his room, pull out his 8×5 yellow legal pad, and write at the very top of the page “EXPECT A MIRACLE TODAY!” in all caps. Underneath he would number one all the way through mid twenties down the left hand margin of the page. Beside each number was just a brief description of all the things that he wanted to accomplish within that day or in the very near future. Some things were as simple as workout, clean the garage, or call a distant relative, but other more challenging goals included moving his family across country and putting all four of his kids through private school. No one goal being less significant than the previous. I never understood the importance of the phrase that he so heavily relied upon until I became older. Each day IS a miracle and we should live it as such. With that mindset, ANYTHING is possible- the sky is the limit.

Writing down goals is advantageous in many aspects and can only produce positive realistic results. Goals help you clarify exactly what it is that you want, how you will take action to attain those goals, and it enables you to see and celebrate your progress. As Crossfitters, we can so easily relate to setting goals because at the heart of everything we do, there is an end goal and desired result. Why do you attend classes three times a week? Eat paleo (85% of the time)? Waste countless hours Facebook stalking Crossfit celebrities like Rich Froning? Tweet about bloody hands and third degree rope burns to a world that doesn’t care? Why keep a journal of each brutal WOD you survived? Although each and every one of us may have different end goals, we each strive towards the same thing- attaining those goals, turning them into achievements. So why not share those goals with those that care most, your fellow Crossfitters?

We have designated two entire white boards in the back of southie green ( Retta’s “pain cave”) where we want to encourage you to write down your most recent goal or goals, whether it be pullups with no band, consecutive double unders, pr an oly lift, date another crossfitter (prolly not board worthy) or even competing at the competitors level. Like I said before, no one goal being more significant than the next. We would love nothing more than to see those goals turn into achievements so that we can celebrate those successes together as a community. So don’t be shy, get your name up on that board with a goal in mind and a date by which you would like to achieve it. Remember, it all starts with knowing what that goal is and writing it down. “Ninety-nine percent of all goals that you don’t write down will never come to fruition.” Or something like that.

3 Rounds
15 Clean and Jerks (95,65)
15 Box Jumps (24,20)

Level 2 (80,50)
Level 1 (65,35)
ADV (30 inch box)