Justin’s WOD “Poitras” & Sunday Memorial Ride


Honoring Justin Poitras – WOD and Memorial Ride
Tomorrow we will be honoring our friend Justin Poitras. Justin was a former marine and a Boston Firefighter. As many of you know, He died July, 4th 2018 from a head injury he sustained in a collision when riding his motorcycle. Justin has saved 6 lives with his healthy, thriving organs that were donated shortly after his passing. There was a recent article “Heart To Heart” which featured one of the organ donor recipients, his progress and how he met Justin’s family. You can find the article HERE  Additionally on Sunday there will be a memorial ride in honor of Justin hosted by The Six One Seven Ruff Riders Prospects. Details are below

The Six One Seven Ruff Ryders Prospects would like to welcome you to join us in celebrating the life and memory of United States Marine and Boston Firefighter, Justin Poitras. On Sunday, July 14th at Florian Hall, we’ll host a memorial ride which is open to all clubs and independent riders followed by a gathering of family and friends, both old and new. Join us while we enjoy music, food, drinks, and raffles as we honor Justin through our fundraising efforts. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation on behalf of the Poitras Family.

400m Sandbag Run w/ partner (Switch as desired)

2 Rounds
:30 on/:10 off
Plank Hold
Scap Pull Ups
Inchworms w/ Push Up

In 31 Minutes
42 Calories on the Assault Bike
7 Strict Pull-ups
4 Deadlifts 335, 225
18 Push-ups
400m Run

Every other 400m Run complete with a 48/36lb sandbag. If you do not have a sandbag work in an odd object such as a kettlebell or medicine ball.

Bike Sub/Modification
Ladies= x0.8 Calories (34 Cals)
Ski erg= x1.25 Calories
Rower= x1.5 Calories

Level 4- 315,205
Level 3- 275,185
Level 2- 225, 135
Level 1- 145, 95

31- Years of Age
42- Engine Number
7-4-18- Date of passing

Extra Work
STOH (205/135)
Bar Muscle Ups

Scaled – (185/110); ½ bar Mups