Hero WOD “Badger”


Indoors Today

This week is a washout! We are unable to move the days around like we usually do for the running/outdoor days. We will be subbing out the Run for Biking today. If you want to run in the rain, that is your choice!

10|8Calorie Bike|200M Run
2 Rounds
10 Reps of Each
-Banded Deadlift
-Banded High Pull
-Banded Pull Apart
-Banded Front Squat

Lat Rolling and Stretching

Midline Madness
1 Round
1:00 L-Sit Hang or Knee Up Hang
-10s rest-
1:00 of L-Ups or Knee Ups
-10s Rest-
1:00 Flutter Kicks
-10s Rest-
*Repeat with 30s Holds

1 Round
1:00 Plank Hold
-10s rest-
1:00 of Jackknives
-10s Rest-
1:00 Hollow Hold
-10s Rest-
*Repeat with 30s Holds

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator  (SEAL) Mark T. Carter died December 11, 2007 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carter, 27, of Fallbrook, CA; assigned to Tactical Development and Evaluation Squadron 2, Virginia Beach, VA; died Dec. 11 in Balad, Iraq, as result of enemy action while conducting combat operations. Carter is survived by his father, Tom; mother, Cindy; three brothers and four sisters.

WOD (35 min hard cap)
3 Rounds
30 Squat Cleans 95|65
30 Pull-ups
800m Run or 1.5|1 mile Bike

Coaches Scaling Note: Unless you can do 10-15 unbroken pull ups, you should aim to scale down the pull-up reps. This is a pulling intensive workout that could do serious muscle damage if not scaled properly. The weight should be super light on the Squat cleans as 10 unbroken reps should be expected on the first round. If your first round takes over 8-10 mins, please scale back the reps further – please to preserve the stimulus of the wod.

Level 3 – 20 Reps
Level 2 – 75|50, 20 reps
Level 1 – 65|35, 1m|.8m Bike, 15 reps

Extra Work
Awful Annie
Double Unders
Abmat Sit Ups
Power Clean 205|135*

RX+ – Half the Reps GHD, 225|150
RX++ – GHD, 245|165
ADV – 50-40-30-20-10 GHD, Heavy Rope, 275|185

*Power clean weight should be heavy and challenging for singles. 5 after the round of 50, 4 after the round of 40, etc…