CrossFit Open Details & The Return Of The CFS Internal Team Competition

Tory – Bar Muscle Up!!!!

2018 CrossFit Open is Coming…
The 2018 CrossFit Open is just around the corner! How is your training coming along? The CrossFit Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Game season and involves CrossFitters from all over the world. Each year, hundreds of thousands of athletes of all different ability levels participate in the five-week online competition. The CrossFit Open is a great chance to not only test your fitness, but also experience the community that makes CrossFit Southie (and the CrossFit community beyond) so great. With different age groups, as well as Rx’d and Scaled divisions, this is simultaneously the fiercest and most inclusive competition out there. This is your chance to throw down against Rich Froning Jr.!

So, how does it work?

Each week starting on February 22nd, CrossFit HQ will release one workout. You will have five days to complete the workout and submit your scores online. There will be five workouts over the course of five weeks. If you submit your score online, you’ll be able to see where you stack up against people in the area, within the gym, in your same age bracket, or even against the CrossFit Games stars! We will be completing these workouts in class each week, so why not sign up!

Some of you might be thinking, “What’s the point? I don’t plan to make it to Regionals anyways!” That’s okay – most people who compete in the Open will not move on to the next round of competition. The Open is FUN! It’s designed to push yourself to your limit, to see how you improve from year to year, and find out where you need to improve. This can help you guide your training for the future. Additionally, if a wheelhouse workout comes up and you crush it, your score could contribute to the CFS Team scores and help us send a team to Regionals!

Last year, the Top 15 teams in the Northeast qualified for Regionals. CrossFit Southie finished in 16th place in the Region, just one point behind the 15th place team… SO close! This year, CFHQ will invite the Top 20 teams from the Northeast to Regionals, and we hope to send a squad from CrossFit Southie to represent!

The 2017 Winners of The “Rally The Troops” bonus challenge!

Open Internal Teams!
As if the open wasn’t exciting enough, we are bringing back our Internal Team Competition for the second year in a row!  Teams will include a mixture of Masters, RX and Scaled Athletes. Once you sign up for the open you’ll be assigned a team and team captain! You can come up with your own team name, colors, theme, ect. together.

Each team will be scored by their WOD ranking in the Northeast each week. You’ll have a spreadsheet to add your scores to that will add up everyone’s rank for that week and the team with the lowest number that week will win that WOD.

Our internal teams are a great way to help your friends in the open, meet new members and make each WOD even more exciting. Please visit the Crossfit Games website to register. Be sure to select Crossfit Southie as your affiliate AND Crossfit Southie as your team!

Warm Up
7 min AMRAP
50’ Broad Jump
15 Squat Jumps
50’ Duck Walk
15 V-Ups

Quad Rolling
Couch Stretch

Back Squat

WOD (15 min Hard Cap)
20 Toes to Bar
15 Hang Squat Cleans (115,75)
30 Shoulder to Overhead (115,75)
15 Hang Squat Cleans (115,75)
20 Toes to Bar

Level 2- (95,55)
Level 1- (70,35)
ADV- (135,95)

*Coaches Note: This should be a quick WOD – scale appropriately so you complete in under 10 minutes.

Extra Work
SA DB Snatches (50,35)
Burpee Over the DB
2. Every 3 Minutes for 12 minutes- Max UB Ring Muscle-ups


  • Ryan Gould

    01/30/2018 @ 5:38 pm

    BS: 205×3
    Mod WOD: 8:34 (15 FS/30 one arm DB press at 50)

  • Joel Carpenter

    01/30/2018 @ 1:57 pm

    Squat: 225 x 3
    WOD: 7:25 75#

  • Trevor

    01/30/2018 @ 2:07 am


    7:40 Rx

    Wasn’t thinking and started with push jerks on the first 15… Switched to push press for the 2nd 15.

  • Jason Barrow

    01/30/2018 @ 1:56 am

    Only ADV allowed in the comments today or can I get in?

    Squat: 135×3
    WOD: 6:52 Rx

    • JT

      01/31/2018 @ 1:09 am

      Forgot to post yesterday
      Strength: 305 x3
      Wod: 6:54 Rx

  • B. Campbell

    01/29/2018 @ 5:49 pm

    Back Squats: 360×3
    Wod: 6:08 Adv
    Extra: 4:44 Rx/9-7-6-6

  • Sean Flannery

    01/29/2018 @ 5:16 pm

    BS: 302.5#
    WOD: 7:56 Adv
    1. 5:07
    2. 5,7,5,6

  • Ben

    01/29/2018 @ 4:12 pm

    Squat: 350
    WOD: 7:07 Adv.
    Extra – Just the MU: 3, 4, 4, 3

  • JT

    01/29/2018 @ 2:53 pm

    305 x3 BS
    6:52 Rx awesome way to start the week!

  • Alec

    01/29/2018 @ 1:19 pm

    305×3 BS, 7:40 ADV. Take that Monday!

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