Ground to Overhead

Lively looking Saturday morning class!

Make sure you tune into the CrossFit Games this weekend! Watch the live Jumbo-tron feed here. Watch the recap tonight at 9pm and Sunday at 4pm here on ESPN3.

In CrossFit, our consistent goal is to do more work in less time. When doing a workout that only specifies, ground to overhead or shoulder to overhead the idea is to choose the movement that will allow you to get the work done the fastest. If you don’t have much experience snatching, then stick with the clean and jerk. If the clean and jerk is too time consuming because it is two separate movements, then power snatch the weight. Ground to overhead doesn’t mean bicep curl and strict press, you all are better than that. You can switch between movements mid set or mid workout if you need to. Just get it done quickly and efficiently!

7 Rounds
400m Sprint
12 Ground to Overhead (95,65)

Level 2 (75,55)
Level 1 (65,35) 5 Rounds

ADV (115,75)