Going 10 Rounds


Zoom Schedule this Week 

Monday 12pm & 530PM

Tuesday – 7am & 5:30PM

Wednesday – 12pm & 5:30PM

Thursday – Christmas Eve – 7am

Friday – Christmas – Off

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1 Min of each

-Plate Fast Feet

-Plank to Push Up or Plank Up to Push Up

-Object Pull Overs

-Lateral Box Step Overs


Stretch Lats, Chest, Calves & Hip Flexors


EMOM15 –

  1. 10 Object Pull-Over
  2. 10 Bent Over Row*
  3. 10 Weighted Sit-Ups

*If Single Arm Complete 10 on Each Side



10 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 225|155

5 Burpee Pull-ups


Level 2- 185|125

Level 1- 135|95

ADV- 275|185


At Home WOD

10 Rounds

10 Single Leg Deadlifts*

5 Devil’s Press**


*5 Each Side

** Use 2 Lighter Objects or 1 Heavier Object Alternating Arms


Extra Work

Tabata Plank Ups*

20s Work: 10s Rest X 8

*Stay Tight and Try to Minimize the Wiggle on the Way Up.  The Rest is an Active Rest. Hold the Top of a Push Up During the Active Rest Portion