What’s up with that wrist pain? check that overhead mobility

If you have ever encountered wrist pain during a workout involving overhead squats or movements requiring the front rack position you are not alone. Truth be told, the solution to that problem is almost always related to the flexibility of the muscular structures downstream from the wrist discomfort.  Here is a list of the 3 main components to hit first.

Thoracic Spine: Grabbing a roller and hitting up and down your back is a great start. Most of you have exercised bad posture all day and all those muscles are glued together. Focus on the shoulder blades as we need those to move independently from the spine. While youre there don’t forget to roll your…

Lats: These muscles can greatly inhibit the position we’re striving for. The overhead band stretch is the best way of attacking this area. Make sure your palm is facing the sky before you step back and make sure you dive your head down to really open up the shoulder joint. Now onto the…

Triceps: You should have hit these quickly on the roller to warm them up but here is the money stretch. It is very important to create the best position possible. Standing tall, an active midline, with your hand outside of your shoulder facing upward is the set up. Then keeping that arm close to your ear and forcing your elbow straight up, perpendicular to the ground is where the magic happens.

Below are some great KStar mobility technique videos to improve that rack and overhead postion to help you alleviate that wrist pain and hit some PR’s.

Episode 40: Improving Shoulder Organization & 3 min Challenge | Mobility WOD

Episode 16/365: Shoulders and The Back Squat “Rack”. And Darth | Mobility WOD

Episode 17/365: Free Your Scap, Free Your Mind | Mobility WOD

Front Squat
5-5-5 Strict sets

3 Rounds
20 Swings (2,1.5)
20 Wallballs
20 Double Unders

L2 (1.5/1)

We did this one a few months back, let’s see how you guys stack up.  You must do all 20 reps of each excersice in a row before you can move onto the next.  If you have to break up the exercise (for example.. 15 double unders and then you trip on the rope) you must try again to get all 20 in a row.