Four Square

#TBT – 2016 YuleFest 5k Run – Team “Southie Slay Riders”


Turkey Day Schedule – Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Gobble……
Monday– Normal Hours
Tuesday– Normal Hours
Wednesday– 5,6,7,8,11, 12,3,4,5pm *close at 6pm*
Thursday– ANNUAL THANKSGIVING DAY WOD- 8am and 9am** Non-coached WOD 7am with Goose
Friday– 9,10,11,12pm (open gym 8-2pm)
Saturday– 8,9,10,11 Open Gym starting at 6:30am, Non-Coached WOD with Goose at 7am
Sunday– Normal Schedule

Warm Up
1. Tabata Jump Rope*
2. Tabata Air Squat**
3. Tabata Pull Up hang
30s rest between tabatas

*singles, right leg, left leg, alt feet, 4 sets of double unders or attempts
** Rest is in the bottom of the squat
***Shoulder Activators,
1. Kip Swings
2. leg raises
3. L-hold

Box Squat
2 Reps

4 Rounds
Every 4 Minutes
-20 Wall Balls 20|14
-15 Pull-ups
-50 Double Unders

Report 4 Separate Times

Athlete Note – Shoot for 1+ minute of rest each round. Push yourself to hang onto the wall ball and pull-up bar as long as you can.

Level 2- 15 WB, 10 Pull-ups, 25 Double Unders
Level 1- 3 rounds, 11 reps for each movement – 50 single Unders
ADV – 30|20lb MB, 20 C2B, 75 Double Unders

Extra Work – Active Recovery
2 Rounds @ 70-75%
Bike 2k
Row 1000m
Ski 500m
Run 400m