There are no formal classes today. Paleo challenge!!

Three months of Paleo….OH MY!!

The Paleo Challenge starts today! You all should have signed up for a time to get your measurements taken and to complete your baseline workouts. If you cannot make it in today, set up a time with us for next week.

When you come in you need to accomplish the following:
-Body Fat
-Blood Pressure
-1000m Row
-Max Burpees in 1 min
-Max Pull-ups
-1 Rep Max Deadlift

When you come in we will give you a sheet to record all of your baseline measurements. I will be recording weight, body fat, and circumferences. Chris Berretta and Leann will be taking blood pressures. Chris the Gooseman Gosler will be making sure none of you kids cheat on your baseline workouts. It does not matter what order you do things in…just get them done! Preferably not the deadlift first, you should be really warm going into that.

The weeks will run Sunday to Saturday. Remember, you must journal everything. Every week you need to check-in and log your points. Find a buddy during class today who you can show your journal to once a week. That person will write your weekly points on the white board to keep track.

We are more than happy to answer questions that you have about the diet and the challenge. Please remember to purchase a journal and to contribute $20 to the winner’s prize pot.  Get excited!