Faster You Move, More Rest You Get

Gabby loves CF
Gabby loves CF

The scavenger hunt will begin at 9:30am on Saturday and we will be meeting at Park Street. There will be a group that will leave here at 9 and take the T from Andrew. I will be releasing the teams on Friday. All other Saturday classes have been canceled. There will be open gym from 12-3. To sign up for the scavneger hunt please click here.


Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes
5 Box Jumps (27,24) (Full stand)
6 alternating kb lunges (2,1.5)
7 kettle bell swings (2,1.5)

Level 2 (1.5,1) (24,20) 4,5,6
Level 1 (1,0.75) (24,20) 3,4,5