Earn It Intervals – CFS

Power Output Test

1. 100m Sandbag Run
2. 50 Double Unders
3. 100โ€™ Farmers Carry
4. 10/8 Cals Ski Erg

Stone to Shoulder

3 Rounds
2 Minute Intervals
Rest and Rotate Remainder of Interval. Should earn 30+seconds Rest.

1. 200m Sandbag Run (4,3) orย  20,15 Assault Bike
2. 100 Double Unders
3. 300ft Farmers carry (2,1.5)
4. 30,20 Calorie Ski Erg
5. 10 Sandbag/Stone over shoulder (150,100)

Level 2- 150m Run, 50 DU, (1.5,1) farmers carry, 15,10 Ski Erg, 100, 48 Sandbag
Level 1- 100m Run, 150 singles, 1.5,1 farmers carry, 10,8 Ski Erg, 48,30 Sandbag

*Coaches Note*
Athletes can always start light on the stone over shoulders and increase the weight each round as you gain confidence in the movement. Set your back, get your hips low and try not to grip the stone with your hands but instead your forearms.

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  • Jason Barrow

    09/30/2017 @ 5:42 pm

    Two more Team Series wods today with Jill.
    Event 7: 904 Rx
    Event 5: 121 Rx

    Hit 300# on back squat for the first time in my life. A while ago now I decided to stop pushing lifts and haven’t been anywhere close to a max because I thought it was taking too much out of me, so beyond the normal excitement for a PR it was validating that I’m on the right course.

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