Double Up Saturday!

Aug 29th, 2020

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Double Up Saturday!



400M Run

2 Rounds
:30 Work/:10 Rest and Rotate
-BB Windshield Wipers
-Squat Morning
-Single Unders (Round 2 Double Unders)
-Eccentric Hollow Holds

Double WOD
10 Minute Cap
3 Rounds
10 Sandbag Over the Shoulder 140|90**
20 Toes to Bar*
40 Double Unders

Rest and Sanitize 10 Minutes

10 Minute Cap
600m Run
18 Overhead Squats 115|75
400m Run
16 Overhead Squats
200m Run
14 Overhead Squats

*Toes to Bar Sub- V-ups
**Scale Sandbag Weight as necessary or use a Barbell for Power Cleans Rx = 155|105

Level 2- 95|55, 20-15-10
Level 1- 75|35, 15-12-9
ADV- 135|95

Rain Row Sub- 750-500-250m

Hard Cap on both. Scale appropriately

Extra Work
30 Squat Snatches 165|110
3×10 Full Snatch @75%
Rest 1 minute after each set

*Choose a challenging weight where you can do a rep every 20s