Devil Of A Friday


Gym Announcements
For our biker friends. We have a new bike rack, please be sure to Lock up your bike once you arrive, even if you are outside for class.

Southie Saturday Skill Session
We’re excited for the return of our Southie Skill Sessions! This week we are working on Push-Ups, Handstand Holds and Handstand Push-Ups.
The party starts This Saturday the 19th at 7AM. All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced athletes! Registration is required due to limited spaces and social distancing guidelines we have 16 spots available. Class is currently full, if you would like to be added to a wait list please email [email protected]. Also, be on the lookout for more sessions to come!

Outdoors Primarily

Warm Up
2 Rounds
:40 Work/:10 Rest and Switch
-Lateral Up/Over
-Bearcrawl with Dumbell Right Side (left Side on Round 2)
-Single Leg Deadlift To Single Arm Press Right Side
-Single Leg Deadlift To Single Arm Press Left Side

Hamstring Softball Rolling on the Box
World’s Greatest Stretch on the Box

Tempo Deadlift 31X1*
3 Reps

*Each Rep Starts at the Top – 3 Second Negative, 1 Second at the Bottom, Explode Up, 1 Second Reset at the Top

12 Minute AMRAP
10 SA Alternating Devil’s Press 50|35
10 SA Overhead Lunge R
10 SA Overhead Lunge L
15 Box Jumps 24|20

Level 2 – 40|25
Level 1 – 25|15
ADV – 70|50, 27|24inch box

Extra Work
Cal Row
Bench Press @ Bodyweight

Rest 3 mins

30-20 -10
Bench Press @ ¾ Bodyweight

Scale to ¾ Bodyweight and ½ bodyweight or however you see fit.