Crushin it as ONE

King James
King James

2 Weeks from today we will be doing another Bring a Friend Day!! Saturday, April 26th: 9:30,10:30am, and 2pm. The workout will be partner style again.

It’s still early on and you may be running out of tasty, varied meals for the Paleo Challenge. Below are recipes for Paleo Pancakes, Egg Muffins and Sweet Potato Hash. You can make them on a relaxing Saturday or you can cook in bulk and have them for the week. Enjoy!

Paleo Pancakes
Paleo Egg Muffins
Sweet Potato Hash

Partner WOD
Run 1.5 Miles
300 Double Unders
200 Overhead Walking Lunges (45,25)
100 Pull-ups

Partition the Run and Reps between partners

Level 2- 1 mile, 200,100,75 Reps
Level 1- ¾ mile, 300 singles, 75 walking lunges, 50 Pull-ups