CFS Bar Crawl TODAY!

Mo Joy!

Annual CFS Bar Crawl! – Saturday August 7th -Start time 3PM
Join us for our second event of the summer! We’re bringing back the CFS Bar Crawl and we’d love for you to join us! You can find the itinerary below. Stop in at any point and stay for as long as you like. All are welcome to bring friends and significant others. The last stop is Sissy Ks where we will have our own room for CFS peeps along with plenty of food provided by Sissy Ks! We hope you’ll join us and if you don’t know anyone don’t worry…by the end of the night you will!!

Partner Up – Grab One BB
P1 – 12|10 Calorie Bike
P2 – BB Windshield wipers

P1 – 15|12 Calorie Row
P2 – 5 BB High Pulls From Each Position

Partner WOD – 40 Minute Cap
10 Power Cleans 135|95
10 Burpees
Then AMRAP Calories on the Bike As a Team
Continue until you reach 150|100 Calories

10 Front Squats
10 Toes to Bar
Then AMRAP Ski Until You Reach 120|100**

*At the top of each interval each athlete will individually buy-in with the first 2 movements. Once both are done, one athlete will on to the bike or rower and sprint for calories and switch off until the 4 minutes is up. The calories are completed as a team.

** Row can be subbed for the Ski

Level 2- 7 Rep buy-in, 115|75
Level 1 – 120|100 Cal Bike, 100|80 Cal Ski, 95|65

Extra Work
Wall Climbs
SB Cleans 140|90

(One of each, two of each, three of each, etc)