Cash Outs, Homework and Retesting the Paleo WODs

We had 7 teams compete in the Route 1 male/female competition this weekend.  Three out of the 5 teams (Goose/Ames, DeDonno/Andrea and Melberg/Tombraider) that made it to the final heat were from the Southie Squadron and two made it to the podium.  Congrats to all that competed, a lot of heart and class was shown by all.  Also thanks to everyone that came out to support.  The event was well run and a ton of fun!

Retesting the Paleo WODs – Since we are retesting the Paleo benchmarks during the Open season we are trying to structure the retests in a way in which everyone can do them without affecting their Open performance.  This is the schedule that we are looking at:  If you are unable to make it in to class these days you may make up the benchmarks during Open Gym or during a different class but please be sure to let the coach know at the beginning of the class.

Moday the 27th – Christine
Tuesday the 28th– Clean and Jerk
Monday the 5th – Fran

CASH-Outs and homework
Moving forward each week we will be throwing some cool cash outs after the workouts to focus on stretching those exhausted muscles, and cooling down by working on skills.  This will keep you feeling fresh for the next workout and allow to become a more well rounded athlete.

Also, in addition to having an assigned guardian coach don’t hesitate to ask a floating coach or any coach for that matter for some homework. We see you move on a weekly or daily basis so we have a good understanding of your areas of weakness. Our suggestions can be as simple as “2 sets of 20 hollow rocks” or “roll your hamstrings for 5 minutes and do 5 inchworms”. Report back to the coach for another assignment or ask a different coach for their spin on things. It might just be be the only time in your life where you wanted homework!!

6 Rounds
400m Run
10 Knees to elbows
5 Wall Climbs
Rest 1 Minute

Level 2 (75,55); 5 rounds
Level 1 (65,35); 4 rounds

Cash out
5-10 min hamstring stretch band Mobility