Brutally Elegant


Approach Today’s Strength Work with the same mentality as the WOD : with focus and intensity. Of course starting off with a few light warm-up sets is essential. However, if the strength programmed for that particular day is Front Squat 3-3-2-2-1-1, the first set of three should be HEAVY…just like the rest of ’em.

The ultimate objective of approaching that strength set is simple: increase strength. One of the pillars of CrossFit is the ability to move heavy loads over long distances, quickly. Thus, what benefit do we achieve from a strength set if we do not push ourselves on every set? Asides from lighter warm-up sets working up to the first set, we should not be making large load increases once we reach our actual set. A direct correlation exists between the strength set and the WOD – if we do not approach our strength sets with intensity and focus as the WOD, our WOD will not be as good as it could.

The accuracy, power, speed, and flexibility needed to execute an Olympic lift on the platform are the same tenets needed to improve our WOD times. For example, If we improve our 1RM clean on the platform, we will also improve our capacity to complete a WOD as RX with lighter cleans in it. Improve the output on the strength on the platform and the output in the WOD will also increase.

So, next time we hit the platforms for a strength set, approach it with the same intensity and focus as the WOD and treat every strength set as an event!

Agility Ladder

Quad Rolling & Stretching

Front Squat

5 Rounds
7 Burpee Pull-ups
10 Thrusters (95,65)

Level 2- 40,25
Level 1- 30,15

Extra Work
Deadlift 315/205
Ring Muscle Ups

Wod Credit – Linchpin