Bring-A-Friend Day Partner WOD!

Bring Your Friends! Work out with Team “Pull-Up Fiction”! Kim, Ben & Lisa!

Primarily Outdoors
Please do not park in the lot

Bring-A-Friend Day!
Have you always wanted to try crossfit and see what all the buzz is about? Today is your chance to try out a beginner friendly WOD here at CrossFit Southie and see what it’s all about! So get ready for the best hour of your day! Free WOD Day is happening TODAY! All are welcome to drop-in for any class! No prior experience with CrossFit is necessary and no advanced registration required. Please just be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes early prior to your class to fill out a waiver. We can’t wait to meet you! Member’s please bring your friends and Non-Members come in and make some new friends!

Warm Up
Partner Up & Grab a MB
40s Work| 15s Rest
-Chest Pass
-Sumo Throws
-Side Toss, R
-Side Toss, L
-Thruster Toss
-Sit Up Toss
-Russian Twist

Quad Rolling
Calf Rolling

Bring a Friend Day WOD
You go, I go*
8 Rounds (4 each)
200m Run
10 Thrusters 115|75

100 Push-ups
Other partner holds the bar in the front rack

100 Sit-Ups
Other partner holds barbell overhead

Partners should have 2 mats. One for the barbell and one for the bodyweight movements.

*‘You go, I go’ should take about 90s each round. If it is longer, scale.

Level 2- 95|65
Level 1- 75|50
Friends- 65|35
ADV- 135|95, 150 Push-ups
150 Sit-ups

Extra Work – Active Recovery
E5MOM 400m Run
60|50 Cal Row
50|40 Cal Assault Bike
40|30 Cal Row
30|20 Cal Assault Bike
20|15 Cal Row
10|7 Cal Assault Bike

Workout Flow – Complete a 400m Run at the 3-2-1 Go and then start in on the Chipper with the Row. At the 5 minute mark complete a 400m run and pick back up where you left off on the chipper. Continue to run 400m every 4 minutes until the chipper is complete.