No Parking in the Main Lot Today. Please Park in the lots by the Running Route

Throwback – 2014 Scavenger Hunt

Parking Update this Weekend
Saturday – TODAY! – The main parking lot will be seal-coated and our main lot will be off limits.ย  Please enter through Alger St. for Parking which will be available behind the old transmission building to the left of Southie Orange and in the old Blue Cross Blue Shield parking lot by the running path.ย 

Any cars that are left in the lot overnight Friday will be moved/towed to the empty lots on Dot Ave towards the T and can be picked up at no charge.

On Sunday, parking will be reopened in our main lot but the drive through portion toward pier transmission and BCBS will be off limits.

Team Up!
Run one loop with a plate

2 Rounds
:40 Work/:20 Rest and Rotate
P1- Med Ball Thruster
P2-Negative Push Up
P3 – Overhead Hold With Plate

3 Rounds
:45 on/:15 off
Dragon Flags
Bicycle Abs
Body Saw w/ Sliders

Teams of 3
2 Athletes Work at a Time
150 Burpees
150 Hang Power Snatch 95|65
Once Complete

200m Sled Push- (400m line)
Remove 1 plate and complete 4 50m sled sprints each.
200m Sled Push as a Team back to the Gym.

L2 – 75|55, 2|1
L1 – 55|35, 1|0

Extra Work
Work up to a max weight for the Complex
1 Power Clean
2 Front Squats
4 Front Rack Lunges