“Ben the Warrior” – CFS

Ben The Warrior

Dr. Fernandez Here THIS Saturday & Now Accepting Appointments through October!

Dr. Fernandez will be back this Saturday to offer his top-notch chiropractic services. If you’ve been meaning to see someone or have some work done, look no further! Dr. Fernandez will be here every other Saturday from now through the end of October and he is now accepting appointments for all available dates! To see available appointments & rates, and to schedule your appointment, click HERE.

CrossFit Southie Bootcamp is BACK in September!

After a brief hiatus for the summer, we’re excited that CFs Bootcamp will be back in September! This program is a community-based, high energy, circuit conditioning workout without the use of barbells or high skill gymnastics. This program is more challenging than your average bootcamp, but a little less intense than CrossFit. It’s great for anyone looking to jumpstart weight loss, improve overall conditioning, or ramp up for general CrossFit classes.

Dates: Friday, September 1st – Friday, September 29th
Weekdays: Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
Time: 6:30AM-7:30AM
Where: 385 Dorchester Avenue, South Boston
Price: $149*
*Includes 3 free bonus classes per week! Mobility class (Saturday, 12pm) & Endurance class (Monday & Thursday, 4:45pm).

For more information or to sign up for the September session, please click HERE.

Bootcamp Referral Bonus:
Got a friend who is interested in getting started? Refer them to the September bootcamp session and receive $50 off of your next monthly membership payment! Just make sure they mention your name when they sign in for their first class.

Warm Up
In Teams of 3
P1: 15 Burpees
P2: Good Mornings
P3: Box Jumps w/ Step Down
*The person doing burpees is the pace keeper. P2 & P3 work until P1 is done with burpees. Rotate until everyone has hit each station.

Stone to Shoulder

WOD #2
This workout was created by Shoreline CrossFit in memory of Ben Callahan, a 10-year old boy from their community who passed away tragically. He loved all of the movements in this workout and today we will WOD in his memory.

“Ben The Warrior”
In Teams of 3
2 Rounds
3 Mins of Max Deadlifts (185, 125)
1 min rest

3 Mins of Max Box Jumps
1 min rest

3 Mins of Max Stone to Shoulder
1 min rest

3 Mins of Max Pull Ups
1 min rest

5 Mins of Max Burpees
1 min rest

The #2 was Ben’s name. The 3 is for the 3 brothers. The 5 is for the family of 5, including parents Dave and Paula.

Perform this workout in teams of 3. One teammate works at a time.

Level 2- 135, 95
Level 1- 95, 65; Medball or Sandbag to Shoulder