Parking and Running

The First Fran Underway
The First Fran Underway

Just a reminder to everyone that Pier Transmission is our neighbor. They own the lot over by the running path and they allow us to use their lot during nights and weekends. Parking in their lot during the ย late morning and mid-day classes is not pemritted (7:30am,9am,11am,12pm). Please use our lot, street parking, and if you are really in a pinch park along the BCBS fence. They have the right to tow you out of there, so please do not chance it.

Also, when running or using sleds please yeild to the cars driving through there. They have the right of way and the worst thing would be to see someone get injured. We know you want fast times, but we are a city gym and need to be cautious. Move to the side always if a car is coming, please don’t make them go around you.

Thanks for your consideration! The happier our neighbors are the easier it is for everyone. Now go crush Fran!

Thrusters (95,65)

Level 2 (75,55)
Level 1 (65, 35)


  • LJ

    10/29/2013 @ 2:52 pm

    Last Time: 13:12 Rx
    Retest: 9:04 Rx (PR)

  • Lee

    10/29/2013 @ 12:53 pm

    Fran: 7:46 L2. Ripped the shit out of my palm, but did a bunch of butterfly pull ups. happy with that.

  • Joel

    10/29/2013 @ 11:51 am

    Want to add almost 3 minutes to your Fran time?
    A week long vacation with a 3 night Phish run thrown in the mix will do it.
    9/9: 10:41 RX
    10/28: 13:32 RX
    Just finishing felt good last night.

    Nice work to all!

  • Jacqueline Doyle

    10/29/2013 @ 2:57 am

    First RX Fran 9/9 – 9:41
    2nd Rx Fran 10/28 – 8:48

    Actually couldn’t be happier about this! Only way to go is down.. I had some mean fran lung too

  • nicole dholakia

    10/29/2013 @ 1:36 am

    PR city and loving it!! For my partner Taylor as well!
    9/9/2013 9:05 65/red band
    10/28/2013 7:26 65/red band

  • Jenna Lamy

    10/29/2013 @ 1:26 am

    9/9/13 – 9:17 55# (L2) with 2 red bands
    10/28/13 – 6:04 55# (L2) with 2 red bands

    Great job everyone in the 7pm class tonight – I heard a lot of PRs! I am currently experiencing “fran lung” but it feels amazing – weird.

    • JBo

      10/29/2013 @ 2:11 am

      Wow…that’s a crazy amount of improvement, Jenna! Looks like you’re just about ready to jump down to 1 red band! See you soon buddy.

  • Nick D'Ascensao

    10/29/2013 @ 1:21 am

    Last time: 9:36
    Today: 8:53

    • Chris Wilson

      10/29/2013 @ 2:08 am

      Nice job man!

  • sammy belton

    10/29/2013 @ 1:16 am

    9/3/2013 L2 green 21-21-15
    10/28/2013 L2 green +blue 21-21-15-14

    Overslept this morning and missed the 7. Guest appearance at the 6pm and then straight to bowl league. Bowling 2 hrs after Fran is actually pretty cool. The fatigued, wobbly leg feeling is similar to how you feel at the end of a long format tournament. Great practice!

    Still didn’t finish before the time cap but I feel like I made huge progress on the Thrusters. I still died on the pull up bar. Tried three times go get the last rep but I didn’t have anything left in the tank.

    • Chris Wilson

      10/29/2013 @ 2:09 am

      I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen you in a little while, I think since the scavenger hunt.

      • sammy belton

        10/29/2013 @ 2:25 am

        First day in the box since the scavenger hunt. I was sick as a dog last week. Still not 100% but much better…

  • JBo

    10/28/2013 @ 11:07 pm

    Fran a year ago: 13:55 with L2 weight (and 1 red band turned into 2 red bands halfway through)
    Fran 7 weeks ago: 11:52 L2
    Fran today: 12:53 Rx!
    Felt good to do this girl Rx. Now there’s no turning back. Hopefully by next year I’ll have made much more headway with pull ups and get it done in under 10 minutes.

    • Kara

      10/29/2013 @ 12:16 am

      That’s a big jump in 7 weeks! Awesome work!

      • JBo

        10/29/2013 @ 12:22 am

        Thanks so much, Kara. I appreciate it! Yup…that comes to an additional 900lbs worth of thrusters. : )

  • Kelly

    10/28/2013 @ 2:07 pm

    5:51 Rx – only a 6 second improvement, but I’ll take it.

    Go Lena – First Rx’ed Fran this morning! Boom

    • amy

      10/28/2013 @ 2:13 pm

      Nice Kel! And yay Lena!!!! Lena is a CFS original member. It’s really cool to see that she is still making continuous gains almost 3 years later.

  • Chris Wilson

    10/28/2013 @ 12:15 pm

    Historical progression:

    9/4/12: 5:57 (75 lb. w/ two bb)

    11/13/12: 6:48 (75 lb. w/ one bb)

    9/9/13: 6:27 Rx (start of Paleo challenge)

    10/28/13: 5:36 Rx (- 51 seconds)

    • Mike Quigley

      10/28/2013 @ 1:42 pm

      Chris Wilson owns this paleo challenge. Nice work Chris!

      • Chris Wilson

        10/28/2013 @ 4:02 pm

        Thanks man! And great job as well – welcome to the 4 min club! I may end up asking you for some pointers on butterfly pullups. I have never given them a shot and would like to hear how your progression proceeded over time.

    • sammy belton

      10/28/2013 @ 4:07 pm

      That’s great progress Chris!

      • Chris Wilson

        10/28/2013 @ 4:37 pm

        Thanks big man!

    • Nick D'Ascensao

      10/28/2013 @ 7:54 pm

      Nice work! Shaving off almost a full min is insane.

      • Chris Wilson

        10/28/2013 @ 8:43 pm

        Thanks Nick! I’m pulling for you to do even better today!

  • Mike Quigley

    10/28/2013 @ 11:28 am

    4:37 RX, down from 5:01 RX a few weeks back. Got the round of 21 unbroken with butterfly pullups, that was the difference. It wasn’t pretty after that.
    The world series is killing me – I need a nap.
    Good to see some of the CFS ladies out at Crossfit 2A in Acton on Sunday!

    • Kara

      10/28/2013 @ 12:53 pm

      Thanks Mike! It was fun to cheer for Mrs Quigley!

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