Air Daps

Missing those Daps around inside and outside of the Box

QUARANTINE Accountability CHALLENGE – Rolling sign up so feel free to join at anytime. The goal of this challenge is to maintain routine, exercise, nutrition, sanity and community while in self isolation.

AT HOME FITNESS – Follow the track on the SugarWOD App – Coaching Videos can be found right on our app and on our Youtube Channel.  Live coached WOD on the Zoom App at NOON. click the link to join—-> This can also be found in our Instagram.  All videos are uploaded to Youtube afterward if you are unable to make the live class.

Take a look at our No Equipment, No Problem WOD Document for various workouts.

We’re working on a Quarantine Accountability Challenge in the event that we are unable to get back into the gym in the immediate future. This would include a host of things not limited to challenges of bodyweight moments for reps, static holds, steps, nutrition, at home workouts, etc… More to follow soon.

It’s amazing how many barbells, db’s & kb’s made their way outside the walls of the box and into your homes.  While they are in your possession we want to make sure that we can continue to provide Movement Coaching to help you move better. If you are interested in receiving specific coaching on anything, let us know or simply film yourself and direct message us on Instagram.

Warm UP
Burpee Breakdown

Alternating EMOM16*
Odd- 5 Box/Chair Squats
Even- Seated Strict Press, 3 each side

*Double the reps if you only have access to lighter weight

100 Alternating Weighted Step-ups for Time
10 Box|Chair|Bench|Ring Dips

Workout Breakdown – every minute including at the 3-2-1 Go! you must complete 10 Dips.  With the remainder of the minute you accumulate Step Ups.  The Workout ends when you reach 100 Step Ups.

Coaches Tip – The dips should be challenging but should take no more than 2 sets each time – perform straight leg if possible, bent knee for scaling. To scale up, elevate your feet. Keep your elbows in and aim to get your shoulder below your elbow at the bottom of each rep.When choosing your weight for step ups, pick something you can complete  around 10 step ups in a minute – shooting for a 8-15 Min WOD.