Nutrition Challenge Results! – CFS


Nutrition Challenge Wrap Up
Another nutrition challenge has come to a close, and once again we witnessed some amazing results! This challenge focused on being extremely strict for a short period of time – just 30 days! The goal was to eat real, whole foods and to eliminate any added sugar and alcohol. Those who stuck to the challenge saw some great results, both physical and performance, in a very short period of time. Their results are a great reminder to all of us how making small tweaks to our diet for short periods of times can yield great progress. Congratulations to all of the challenge participants, and especially these three winners! Keep up the great work!

First Place: Emilie Curtis (Prize: $300!)
Consistent throughout the 30-day challenge, Emilie was able to commit to eating healthy and working out, despite having a family waiting at home and a demanding job. She lost a total of 12 pounds (7.8% of her body weight) and 5.7% body fat. She also improved her fitness as evidenced by her benchmark scores, including getting more than double the reps from her previous score for the WOD. Great work Emilie! Keep up that momentum!
Weight Loss: -12lbs (7.79%)
Inches Lost @ Waist: -1″
Inches Lost @ Hips: -1.5″
Body Fat Lost: -5.7%


Runner Up: Ben Ford (Prize: $150!)
Originally a boot camper, Ben has become a regular early bird CrossFitter, and has participated in numerous gym nutrition challenges. He lost a total of 10 pounds (5.41% of his bodyweight), and 3.5% body fat over the course of 30 days. He stayed determined and focused throughout this challenge, despite the many times he wanted to indulge and eat ice cream (as noted in his food log). He made big improvements in his fitness, including getting his first bar muscle up and almost tripling the number of handstand pushups from the benchmark WOD. He has also inspired his coworkers to change their eating habits with their own nutrition challenge. Nice work Ben! Now go have some ice cream.
Weight Loss: -10lbs (5.41%)
Inches Lost @ Waist: -3″
Inches Lost @ Hips: -1″
Body Fat Lost: -3.5%


Runner Up: Clare Duffy (Prize: $150!)
Clare was able to stay committed to eating healthy despite injuring herself early on in the challenge. At the end of 30 days, she was able to lose 10 pounds (6.9% of her body weight), and 4.5% body fat. She used her time on the side-lines to really zero in on her eating, and focus on rest and recovery which seems to have really paid off (and is a good lesson for all of us). She improved her benchmark scores as well with an increase in max handstand pushups, and a front squat PR. Great work Clare, we hope you are back to 100%.
Weight Loss: -10lbs (6.9%)
Inches Lost @ Waist: -0.5″
Inches Lost @ Hips: -2″
Body Fat Lost: -4.5%

*For this week only Kim will be combining her Pre + Post Natal Class on Tuesday @ 7:00-8:00, Thursday Birthfit Class cancelled. Schedule will resume normally next week.

Warm-up (7 min cap)
2 Rounds
Run 200m
5 Burpee Pull Ups
10 Muscle Snatch
2 3-Way Lunges per leg (no barbell)

5 Sets:
Back Rack Lunge
25ft Rack to Rack OR 10 Alternating Lunges

L1 – Front Rack Lunge

Between sets complete 10 bent-over row on a bench or box (5 each side)

2 Rounds
600m Run
15 Power Snatches (95,65)
15 Burpee Pull-ups

Level 2- 75, 50
Level 1- 55,35

Skills Class
Skin the cat/Toes to bar