You’re Gonna Sleep Like a Baby

One Piece Pick Up
One Piece Pick Up

On Wednesday we posted on the CFS site about becoming a toasty. Below we have posted the minimum requirements. I think these requirements are pretty nice, and I think that most of you will agree. Those of you that started before we put these out there are considered to be “grandfathered” in.

This is a competitor program, and we believe you should have to work hard to earn your place in such a program. The number of you has grown significantly since January and we could not be more thrilled. However, the more of you there are the more others want to get in on the fun, and so we have to set some entry standards.

Thus, if you read this list and find that you are falling short, you have 3 months to meet these standards.

You must be able to complete 10 out of the 12 requirements:

1. Squat Snatch (115,80) – This must be one fluid movements, no power snatch and then overhead squat.

2. 10 consecutive Chest to Bar pull-ups- Men/10 consecutive Kipping pull-up women- Both without assistance

3. Ring Dip- 10 unassisted-Men/1 Unassisted-Women

4. 500m Row-1:45 Men/2:05 Women

5. 1 Mile Run- Sub 8:00 Men/Sub 9:00 Women

6. 1 Handstand Push-up-Men/Ability to kip up on to the wall/bands-Women

7. 15 foot Rope climb

8. Toes to Bar- 10 without dropping down from the bar-Men/5 without dropping off the bar-Women

9. Wallballs- 10 reps to a 10ft target with a 20lb ball- Men/10 Reps to a 10 ft target with a 14lb ball

10. Kettlebell Swings-2pood for 5 reps-Men/1.5pood for 5 reps-Women

11. 10 Consecutive Double Unders

12. Pistols with no gripping assistance (can still use a ball, box, or plate under the heal)

Then we have some  nonnegotiable requirements

    1. Unlimited membership- This is a 5 day program M,T,W,F,S.
    2. Must compete in the CF Open which is the 5 week online worldwide competition. All the workouts are completed here at the box.
    3. Must be able to complete the WODs with the Open weight (which usually means the class RX weights)
    4. Actively CrossFitting for 6+ months
    5. Upholding all of the movement standards without constant corrections. You should want to uphold movement standards, you shouldn’t have to be constantly told.

You must show that you are a smart athlete. Choosing weights that are appropriate for you and knowing when to scale.

20 wallballs
20 scorpions
10 wallballs
10 inchworms

5 minutes of quad and hamstring stretching

Snatch Grip Deadlift
-stay tight. Slow and controlled. Work on 1 piece pick up

3 Front Squats

Try and use the same weight across for all ten sets.

7 Minute AMRAP
10 Hang Power Cleans
5 Thrusters

Games- 165,110
Regionals- 155,105

Rest 3 minutes

3 minute AMRAP
Bar Muscle-ups

*No C2B scaling, spend those 3 minutes doing whatever possible to complete/workout those MUPS!*