WOD 4 Announced- “Gas Pedal”


“Gas Pedal” – 8 min time cap
For time:
750m Row
100 Double Unders
30 Burpees- Over the Paralette

Scaled- 100 Singles. Can choose to complete double unders instead of singles before the workout starts, but they will be scored the same. You cannot switch back and forth.

Score will be your finish time. If you do not finish the workout in the time cap, one second will be added for each rep not completed.

Row– Must hold handle until 750m is completed. 5 burpee penalty for premature grabbing of the handle before the go or release of handle before the full 750m is complete on the screen. Athlete will be required to fold up their rower before moving onto the double unders. Double under accumulation will not occur until done properly.
Double Unders– Rope passes underneath twice, if you trip on the rope that last double under does not count. Scaled division will complete single unders with the same amount of reps.
Burpee over the Paralette– Burpees are to be performed lateral to the parallete. The athletes Chest must make contact with the ground, and if it is questionable the athlete will be asked by the judge to release their hands. Both feet jump over the paralette together at the same time. If you skip over or trip, you can re jump without performing another burpee. The movement concludes with the jump.