We’ve got some new classes for everyone – 11am’s, newbies, competitors and another intro class

*Schedule Changes* – Starting immediately, we will be holding newbie classes throughout the week at 5pm and 6pm in CrossFit Southie HQ (the most recent addition to Green).    These 5pm and 6pm classes will start with everyone together for the warm up.  We will eventually break out by skill level with different coaches for specific instruction, skill and scaling options. By doing so we will be able to teach and scale according to ability level and help you all progress faster in CrossFit.  It’s gonna be schweeet!

We’ve also added 11am classes Monday through Friday.  These classes are for everyone but the warm-up and instruction will be geared to L1/L2 athletes.

We’ve added another intro session to our arsenal on Thursday nights at 7pm.  No sign up necessary, tell your friends.

Lastly, competitor classes are starting next Monday.  Competitor classes will follow “The Program” and will be headed by Coach Lando Commando.  They will run at 7pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  There will also be a competitors class on Saturday mornings at 8am.

Check out the google calender for all schedule changes.

Upper Body Roll Session

Back Levers/Front Levers/Iron Cross

200 m run
Toes to bar