Thursday Throwdown

#TBT Kicking off the 2016 Open Season with 16.1 Friday Night Lights!

730 & Noon Pop Up Today. The 730am is going to be really cold. Please dress warm and we will give it a shot.  Check our Class Schedule for all upcoming Pop Up and Zoom times.

2 Rounds
40s on 10s off
-BB Good Mornings
-BB Front Squat
-BB Press*
-MB Hamstring Curls
-MB Seated Reverse Cross Chops Left
-MB Seated Reverse Cross Chops Right

*2nd Round Push Press

1. Banded Deadlift
5 Reps *
2. 30s Handstand Hold or 1 Minute Med Ball Plank**
3. Rest

*No band? – Perform a 3s negative
**ADV – Plank Bird Dogs

10 Minute AMRAP
9 Deadlifts 135|95
6 Hang Squat Clean
3 Shoulder to Overhead

Level 2- 115|75
Level 1- 95|55

At Home WOD
10 Minute AMRAP
9 single Leg Deadlifts R
6 Single Arm Hang Cleans R
3 Single Arm Push-press R
9 Single Leg Deadlifts L
6 Single Arm Hang Cleans L
3 Single Arm Push-press L