Push it to the MAX!


*We will be running a reduced schedule this Monday, Memorial Day.  We will be doing the Hero WOD Whitten.  Classes will be held at 9am,10am,11am only.*


Great job athletes. We have a lot of new achievements and the pr bell ringing on a daily basis. As coaches we do notice these things. We report and record our work on the board and your own personal journals for a few reasons. First because we can track our progress and goal set using measurable and repeatable tests. Second because this is fun Ninja stuff you should be proud of. Bragging to your friends optional.  In the strength department:

               Back Squat

Kim – 115

Jenna – 105

Laurence – 185

Front Squats

Jenn – 140×2

Allie – 100×2

                Overhead Squats

Katie –85lbs

Lynne –85lbs

Giana –105×3


Leslie –125lbs

Laura –205lbs

Barbara –140lbs

Allie –145lbs

Michael – 275lbs

J-Bo –265lbs

MaryChris –145lbs

                Power Clean

Kelly – 130lbs

Nick – 225lbs

Barb – 60lbs

Nicole -145lbs

Butler – 245lbs

Barry – 165lbs

Kristie – 108lbs

Liveda – 140lbs

Jo – 105

Max Height Box Jump

In 3 minutes
Sprint 200m then in the remaining time AMRAP
7 box jumps (24/20)
7 hand-release push-ups

Rest 1 minute

Complete 5 rounds

your score is your total # of box jumps and pushups over the 5 rounds.