The Heart Rate Roof Buster


Today we have 3 sets of 2 and 3 sets of 1 of the high bar back squat for strength. I want everyone to think about that for a minute. This doesn’t mean we jump right into that first set of 2. We need to warm up. That first set of 2 should heavy. This means we need to be doing at least 2-3 sets before the first set of 2. During these warm up sets we can make the huge jumps in weight so that when we get into the actual sets we are making small jumps (10# or so) until we reach our max.

This is how the strength should look for someone who is trying to achieve a 300# squat.

Warm up: 135×5-7
Warm up: 185×3-5
Warm up: 225×3
Set 1: 245×2
Set 2: 265×2
Set 3: 275×2
Set 4: 285×1
Set 5: 295×1
Set 6: 305×1

The above can be scaled no matter what your squat might be. Just remember, make the big jumps in weight while warming up so that all your working sets will be heavy. Now lets go set some PRs!

High Bar Back Squat

20 Front squats (205,135)
30 Box jumps (30, 24)
40 Kettlebell swings (1.5,1)
50 Wall ball shots (20,14)

Level 3- (165,110)
Level 2- (135,85), (1p,0.75p),(24,20)
Level 1- (95,55), (0.75p,0.5p),(24,20)