Open workout 12.2 (that one with a million snatches) is a great workout to look at to see how much technique makes a difference in CrossFit. If anyone watched any of the video where Dan Bailey (#1 in the world in last year’s Open) and Rich Froning (#1 in the world in last years Games) you probably noticed they did pretty well. You probably noticed that they threw around the 165# weight like it was nothing and even got some impressively easy reps of the 210# bar at the end.

Go back and watch the video again and take a look at how good their form is throughout the entire video. The bar path stays inches from their body, they use their legs to jump the weight up, and they drop under the weight and drive their head through their arms every single time regardless of the weight. As they got overly fatigued their form actually got even better, allowing them to still maintain a good pace with the heavier weight and still getting rep after rep.

This is what separates every day crossfitters from elite competitors. We have plenty of guys in CF Southie who can backsquat, deadlift, and OHS as much as Rich Froning can. But we have nobody who can snatch close to his 275# max. Dan Bailey is all of 5’7″ and 170# yet he snatches over 225# for a max. When it comes down to it, their form is what separates them from everyone else. This goes for all elite fitters. If you want to take your game to the next level you need to focus on your technique in your movements.

When it comes to body weight exercises it sometimes means only 5-10 minutes a day. Working on the kip for TTB or pullups is an easy practice before or after class, and a good way to warm up/loosen up the shoulders. Muscle up transitions can be done daily as well. Form for Olympic lifts is equally as easy since you can practice all day long with just a barbell. Spend 5 minutes a day on the jerk for a week straight and you might be shocked at how much better you get. The same can be said for the clean and the snatch. When it comes to working them with weight, if you have good numbers already, it might be time to dial down the weight once in a while and work on PERFECTING your technique. If you hit a weight but it is ugly as hell, dont be satisfied with it. Dial it down a few LBs and make the reps PERFECT.

Maybe one day we will all be watching you make 210# look like a toothpick on the games site…

“The Bear”
(power clean, front squat, push jerk, back squat, rack jerk)

12 Minute AMRAP
5 Bear Complexes (95,65)
30 Double Unders

Level 2 (75,55)
Level 1 (65,35)