40s work:20s Rest

Learn - Apply - Execute
Learn – Apply – Execute

There will be No Yoga today. Monday we will run a normal schedule all day and you can Bring a Friend to any class!

Split Jerk

4 Rounds at each station
Kettlebell swing (1.5,1)
Shoulder to Overhead (115,75)
Kettlebell Lunge

40s work:20s Rest
1 Minute Transition between exercises

Level 2- 1,0.75
Level 1- 075,0.5

Strength Schedule
Monday – Back Squat
Tuesday – Deadlift
Friday – Clean & Jerk

At Home WOD
3 Rounds
1 Min Max Air Squats
1 Min Max Hollow Rocks
1 Min Max Push Ups
1 Min Rest

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