Stokley for Moakley

Ben- Single Leg Work at 5:30am
Ben- Single Leg Work at 5:30am

The box will be closed this weekend due to the CrossFit L1 Cert.  There will be no general classes or intro class held at the box.  We will be hosting workouts down at the track at Moakley field, on Day Boulevard today at 9, 10 & 11 and at M Street Beach for a BEACH WOD!!!! on Sunday at 9 & 10. 

1200m Run
50 Push-ups
50 Sit-ups
800m Run
30 Push-ups
30 Sit-ups
400m Run
20 Push-ups
20 Sit-ups

L2- 40-30-10
L1- 30-20-10

* pushups should be chest to deck. If you are not getting low enough we will make them hand release push ups.