Spring Ahead!


Weekly Strength/Benchmark Schedule – Click Here

Don’t forget to Spring ahead!

Warm Up
2 Rounds
1:00 Work/:15 Rest and Rotate
-Reverse Lunge (Round 2 try pausing with knee on the floor and back foot off the ground)
-Cycle Through 3 BB High Pulls from hips, knee and mid shin. (Round 2 Muscle Clean from each position)

Box Squat- 2 Reps

WOD (20 minute cap)
8 Rounds
4 Power Cleans (pick your weight)
8 Pistols
12/9 Calorie Bike (Schwinn|C2 = 18/13cals)

Level 2- 9/7 Bike
Level 1- 7/5 Bike, 6 Rounds
Schwinn|C2 Bike = 1.5X Cals

Report time and weight

At Home WOD:
3 Rounds
20 Burpees
25 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups


World’s Greatest Stretch – 2:00 x Side