Russian Style Olympic Weightlifting


We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Nikita of Durnev Weightlifting.

Nikita was awarded Masters of Sport at age 16 in Russia and has competed and coached at the national level in both Russia and the United States. He now uses his experience and expertise to provide personalized coaching and programming specific to the olympic lifts and supplemental strength exercises.

Whether Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting or overall strength and fitness, Nikita works closely with athletes to help them achieve their performance goals.

Check out more from Nikita here on his Facebook page.

Russian Weightlifitng Classes

We are now offering Russian Style Olympic Weightlifting classes open to intermediate to advanced weightlifters on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9:30am. We are also open to suggestions for other times, in the am or afternoon, if they work better for the majority.

There are also advanced weightlifting classes available for stronger, consistent weightlifters at 7:30-9 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. These classes require membership and requirements must be made before entering. Please contact us if you are interested.

Weightlifting classes will have their own dedicated platform space in the back of Southie Green.

Drop in Program

These sessions are separate from the CrossFit Program and non-CrossFit Southie members are encouraged to attend. The first session is only $20 for everyone. Each following drop in rate will be at $25/session for non-CFS members and will remain at $20 for CFS members. The drop in program does not include programming and access to Nikita outside of drop in sessions. The drop in rate is subject to change to $30 as demand increases and may not always be available.. Classes will be capped and registration may be required for drop-ins in the future.

Monthly Memberships

We also offer Monthly rates for Nikita’s services which include programming for the entire cycle and ongoing coaching from Nikita. This program is separate from the CrossFit program and does not include access to CrossFit classes. These are special programs and Student/couple//first responder discounts may not be applied to these options.

1 session/week – $109 monthly

2 sessions/week – $199 monthly

up to 3 Oly sessions/week and platform/gym access at non-prime hours (all hours except 5-7:15pm) – $249 monthly


Regardless of drop in or membership, we are going to ask each of you for payment information (EFT – voided check or routing and account #) and we will have a sign in sheet for each class. For those of you that are paying drop ins initially, we will charge you each time based on the sign in sheet. We do not want to deal with cash more than once, as NIkita wants to spend time coaching and we have our CrossFit classes to attend to and can’t be chasing people for cash. Nikita’s time is very valuable and at the rate that is offered for the time and attention given at a gym in Boston, this is a great deal. Please be aware of this and don’t take advantage if you would like this program to remain and Nikita to be successful.

Registration is not yet required for any of the classes currently but we will utilize the platform below in the future if necessary.