Run, Swing, Lunge, Repeat

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Warm Up
1 Minute each: No Rest
3 way Lunge
Single Leg Deadlift Right
Plank Up

3 way Lunge
Single Leg Deadlift Left
Hollow Hold

-Worlds Greatest Stretch – 30s+ in each position
-Straight Arm Lat stretch on a box, chair or kb.

800m run
40 Kettlebell/Object swings
40 Weighted Lunges

600m Run
30 Kettlebell/Object swings
30 Lunges

400m Run
20 Kettlebell/Object swings
20 Lunges

200m Run
10 Kettlebell/Object swings
10 Lunges

Extra Work
Weekly Challenge #1 – Week 2
Accumulate 5 Minutes in an active Squat hold.

ADV – add weight in the Goblet position