Support Your Local BOX WOD

AT HOME FITNESSLive coached WODs on Zoom.  Check our Class Schedule for times.  WODs today at 8am w/ Sebastian and 530pm with Taylor.  Click the link to join—->

The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is a three-week, three-workout challenge that benefits CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 in recent weeks. The workouts are designed to be performed at home with limited equipment. Payment is not required to participate. Sign up here to participate.

In 90 seconds
Run 200m (30s out and 30s in)
AMRAP Burpees

Rest :30

In 90 seconds
Run 200m

Rest :30

In 90 seconds
Run 200m
AMRAP Air Squats

*Sub 1 minute of the following for the run – High knees, Butt Kickers, Burps or Jumping Jacks

Banded Stretching focusing on hips & hamstrings
-no band – use a towel or a jump rope

Box Squat
3 Reps

*Use what you have. Heavy hug squat or goblet squat are good options.

**If you only have lighter weight work on a 3 Mississippi controlled negative. No Box, active pause in the bottom for a 2 count before exploding up.

SYLB Workout 1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:

10 squats
9 dumbbell snatches, right arm
10 push-ups
9 dumbbell snatches, left arm

♀ 35-lb. DB ♂ 50-lb. DB

Post rounds completed to comments and/or register to support.

Rest 5 Minutes

WOD # 2 – Run, Burpee, Puke, Repeat
400m run
20 Burpees

Level 2- 15 Burpees
Level 1- ½ distance/reps, 10 Burpees

Row Sub = 500m
Bike Sub = 20|15 Cals Schwinn Sub = 35|22 Cals
Double Under|Plate Hops Sub = 100

Extra Work
12 L-Pull Up
1 Strict HSPU
11 L-Pull ups
2 Strict HSPU
10 L-Pull Ups
3 Strict HSPU

1 L-Pull Up
12 Strict HSPUs

L-pull ups can be scaled to knee tuck pull up’s, bent over or inverted rows. HSPU can be scaled to Strict Press, Inverted box HSPU or regular Push up x 2