Oly Positions

Schurk Summer Sleddin'
Schurk Summer Sleddin’

double under tabata

Different positions we will refer to throughout the upcoming Oly cycle.

From the Floor – The barbell is set up over the mid foot and the athlete brings his shins to the bar. all the weight of the athlete rests in the midfoot not in the heels. Shoulders are in line with the hips and slightly in front of the bar.

mid shin

Mid Shin – 2 inches off floor – athletes lifts the bar by pulling the weight back from the mid shin towards the heels to load the hamstrings. back angle remains constant and shoulders and hips rise at the same time.

low hang

Low Hang = below the knee – athlete continues to pull the knees back and rise at the same rate until the low hang position is achieved. Here the hamstrings are more loaded, the shoulder remains in front of the bar and back angle remains the same.

mid hang

Mid Hang = above the knee – The hamstings are now fully loaded. From here the athlete can begin to scoop under the bar pick up speed and aggressively initiate the 2nd pull. If the all positions are hit correctly and contact is made lower than the hip the 2nd pull may be initiated to early.

high hang

High Hang = Pockets – When performing lifts from this position, the torso should remain vertical in the dip portion.

Strength-Spend 25 minutes working on the
3 position snatch
1. High-hang
2. Mid-hang
3. Low-Hang

Work on making contact at the hip for each rep and hitting each position in every lift. Position is key, keep it light if you are unable to hit your positions.  If you feel good and are hitting your positions work up to a heavy single.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 Double-Unders
15 Power snatches (75lbs / 35kg)