The Wall Ball Shot….Why We Love Them!

Fanning – Super Hero

The wall ball shot is a classic CrossFit movement that combines the front squat and overhead press into one highly functional and useful exercise. Anyone who has ever done the workout “Karen” (150 wallball for time) knows how much endurance, both cardiovascular and muscular, is required to do high reps of wall ball in any time domain.

Maintaining good form throughout the movement is key. Keeping the ball high on the chest (like the front rack of the front squat) while keeping our weight on our heels from top to bottom of the squat will help delay muscle fatigue by keeping us as efficient as possible throughout the movement.

Lisi nailing that 10 foot target at The In-House Throwdown!

Thinking of it as a thruster, using the power of our hip drive from the bottom to the top of our squat to propel the ball upwards, will also help get that ball up to the target every toss. Speaking of targets…the accuracy element to wall ball shots is and integral part that a lot of people don’t focus on. There are target areas all over both boxes at CF Southie. The only way to improve your wall balls is to shoot for as high a target as possible while also aiming for and hitting the middle of a designated and specific target.

Wall ball workouts are not supposed to mean we just blindly chuck med balls against the wall anywhere we please. Set your sights on a target and go for it every single time. If you need to scale down your weight to reach a higher target then do so. Going as high as possible and forcing yourself to hit a target will be difficult but will bring quick rewards. Once you are hitting the 10ft target consistently you should increase the weight of your medball until you are doing RX weight. Aim high, challenge yourselves…

4 Rounds
:20 on/:10 off
-Rest 30 seconds-
4 Rounds
:20 on/:10 off
Jump Rope
-Rest 30 seconds-
4 Rounds
:20 on/:10 off
Medball Core
1. Russian Twists
2. Medball V-Ups
3. Leg Lifts over Ball
4. Medball Knee Tucks

2 Box Squats

3 Rounds

In 5 Minutes
500m Row
50 Double Unders
AMRAP Wallballs

Rest 2 Minutes

Score= Total Wallballs

Level 2 – 25 double Unders
Level 1 – 100 singles

Extra Work
“Second Cut”
800m Row
66 Double Kettlebell Jerks (35s,28s)
132ft Handstand Walk

Boot Camp/Conditioning (6:30AM in Southie Green/4:45PM in Southie Orange)
Every 8 Minutes for 32 Minutes
500m Row
1 Mile/0.8 Bike
400m Run