Photo Hunt and Party

No formal classes today.  Meet at Park Street at 9am for the Photo Scavenger Hunt. The teams are listed on the post below. If you are not on a team, just come on by at 9am and we will find you a place.

Each group will need one smart phone, and you will have 90 minutes to capture pictures of the movements listed below at different Boston landmarks of your choice. You must travel on foot, no transportation! This is supposed to serve as an endurance WOD (There will be no other classes today). Last year one group hit up the South Bay Center, while another group went down to Fenway park, and the third group hit up the North End. The photo scavenger hunt a year ago was one of our  favorite days in CrossFit Southie History. You don’t want to miss out, it is a great opportunity to get to know people! The movements are listed below, you can capture other movements in addition to these:

* Handstands

* L-sits

* Pistols

* Box jumps

* Overhead squats

* Pull-ups

* Burpees

We want you to be as creative as possible. Try to use props, use tourists, create scenarios, quick videos, KB swings with gallons of milk, make this entertaining. When was the last time you explored the city on foot? You will have 90 minutes to complete this task, and trust me it will be a hell of a workout. The group that has the the best set of pictures will win. Our hope is to have the pictures uploaded and added to a slide show for the two year party at night. This event does not count towards your weekly total for classes. Everyone is welcome, and don’t forget to wear your Southie gear! The group that wins the challenge will have their best pic blown up and framed in the gym.

Also our 2 year anniversary party is at the Greatest Bar starting at 7pm. We will have 2 floors to ourselves from 7-10pm. After 10pm the bar will be opened to the public, but we can hang out all night if we like. After 10pm the DJ comes on and we get our boogie on. Food will be served from 8-10pm, accompanied by a slideshow of the pictures from the scavenger hunt and from the last year. Dress code is Hott!

There will be a classes @ 11am and 12pm on Sunday at Moakley Track with Coach Harris.