Pay it Forward

Nice Range of Motion Andrea!
Nice Range of Motion Andrea!

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Thoughts from one of our awesome members, Steve Yetman: Have you ever wondered how far one good deed can really go ?

Some of us have seen the movie Pay It Forward, some have not. But I am sure that at least the vast majority are familiar with the concept. For anyone that isn’t familiar, the concept has two rules 1. Do something nice for someone else 2. Don’t take anything in return from them, just tell them to Pay It Forward.
It was in watching the movie that I gained a solid appreciation for what an amazing concept it really is, and became astonished at just how much one simple good deed, from one single person could actually impact the world. I personally find the possibilities that can result extremely intriguing. And the movie offered a really great perspective as to how far ones act of kindness can go.
After watching the movie, I remember thinking to myself that it would be pretty cool and a lot more engaging for people if we could tie this whole Pay It Forward concept into a way where one could actually physically see the entire chain of events that they have inspired as a result of doing just one act of kindness for one other person.. A way to track your karma basically…
Which led me to do some brainstorming….
The result ?
A brain cramp, and spending the next nine months or so dwelling in my basement creating and designing the website called, which has just launched very recently.
How does the website work ?
It’s pretty simple really. You get a wristband (each stamped with an individual code so it can be tracked.) Then you register the code one the site, and put the wristband on and wear it as a reminder until you find your opportunity to Pay your good deed forward. When you do your deed for that person, you simply hand them off the wristband and tell them to Pay It forward.
Now that your deed is done, you go back to and write a little description as to what you did, give your deed a title, and share the location which will drop a little pin on your interactive map.
As every person does this thereafter, your chain of events will continue to grow and you will get to see what people are doing as a result of your inspiration, who is doing it, and what part of the world your kindness has travelled to. All you have to do is log back on to the site to view the chain, which will be right there on your profile page.
Essentially, each wristband is representative to an entire chain of good deeds that’s all strung together and can be tracked and easily viewed on your profile page as your Karma moves along.
Can I start more than one chain ?
Yes, you can start as many as you’d like to.
Awesome, I love it. So what’s the catch how much is a wristband ?
They’re free 🙂 I’ve incurred all the expenses of getting the site up and running and getting the wristbands manufactured. The site is not for profit and there is no charge for anything. I have however put a donation option on the site for anyone who wants to support the cause and keep it going. Donating is 110% optional, so please do not feel obligated. All donations will be put towards getting more bands made/site maintenance/site upgrades.
Sounds awesome. So why did you make the site ?
Very common question I get asked. And there’s a few reasons so I’ll name a few;
1. I thought it was a cool idea and thought that at least I would have fun using the site (selfish I know)
2. Murders, rapes, kidnappings, shootings etc.. it’s all you see on the news, I felt like there should be an opportunity for the good things to get some inspiration and recognition.
3. I made the site in hopes to inspire goodness and make people more conscious of the opportunities that are presented to help someone out. Life is easier if we all work together.
4. My travels have led me to believe in the goodness of the world.
5. I have time to spare.
6. I like making stuff.
7. I think we should all be friends.

So, where can I get a wristband again ??
The wristbands are located in a basket up at the front desk, where Chris and Amy were kind enough to let me put them. And I would especially like to thank them for offering their support in my project with the donation that they have made. Much appreciated, you guys are the best.
I hope everyone has an awesome workout and an even better day, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the website !
And now for an inspirational quote:
“It doesn’t take one person doing a million things to make a difference, it takes a million people doing one thing”

5 Rounds
500m Row
15 Pull-ups
50 Double Unders
20 Push-ups

Level 2- 4 Rounds
Level 1- 4 Rounds, 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups