Oly Assistance


All classes this week except for today with be run with the general classes.

20 rep back squat is ending, we will be performing a 20rep on Friday for those still going. For everyone else we have a heavy 10. Going forward we will not be programming the 20 rep. If you haven’t failed and want to continue to get it in, sub it in when we do back squat or own your own only once per week.

Bike 40 calories or row 50 cals
Coach will lead you through drop snatches, heaving snatch balances, squat snatches and shoulder mobility exercise.

Every 30 seconds for 12 minutes
1 Squat Snatch*

start at 70%ish and ascend where able while still feeling silky and smooth

Oly Assistance
Overhead Squat

60 Wallballs
50 Snatches (95,65)
60 Calorie Row
50 Front Rack Lunges (95,65)
60 Box Jumps