Mixed Pairs

Partner T2B
Partner T2B

400m run
Warm up the movements

Spend 10 Minutes working on your weaker skill:
1. Legless Rope Climb (3-5 reps working on kip)
2. Handstand walk (100ft of practice)

Mixed Gender Pairs

500m Row while partner holds 135/95 locked overhead. set up the rowers so you can see your partner. If the barbell comes down the rowing must discontinue until the weight is re-established overhead.

200 Double Unders while the partner holds an L-sit (2 rogue plates under feet). As soon as the feet touch the partners must switch.

50 Burpees to a Plate while holds the bottom of the front squat position. Once the bar is dropped partners switch.

50 Strict Pull-ups while the partner hangs. If you drop off the pull-up bar then the partners must switch and complete a minimum of 3 reps before moving on.

*To reiterate- On the row, you cannot switch until you finish your 500m. The other movements you must switch whenever โ€œholdโ€ is released.

*Try to partner with someone you have not worked with before or rarely work with.

With Partners
800m Run
600m Run
400m Run
200m Run

-Rest while your partner works. Boys start together