Southie Showdown WOD Released – “Loop, Swoop, Pull and Push”

“Loop, Swoop, Pull and Push”

In 10 Minutes complete:
1 Mile Run
AMRAP Clean and Jerks (165,105)

RX Men 165
RX Women 105
Scaled Men 105
Scaled Women 75

Your score will be your total accumulated Clean & Jerks. You will not be scored separately on the run.

Run – 3 loops around the building. Anyone that does not follow the predetermined course will be scored a 0 for the event.

Clean and Jerk – Both weights must start on the ground, make contact with the shoulders and then must be completely locked out over head with feet underneath the hips, showing control and full extension. For safety reasons, in order for a rep to be successful the bar/athlete must remain in control and in their lane throughout the entire lift.