Little bit of this and a little bit of that. A quick gude to sucess.

Praying we make it back to LA!

CrossFit Classes today at 8am and 9am only.  Yoga will run as scheduled.

CFS Team sits 3 point away from heading back to LA! Come on down to Canton and support the squad. With a slight change in schedule, our heats will be going off at 11am and 345pm.

Recipe for Success #1-3

If you’re reading this you’re either a member or at least interested in crossfit and or specifically what we do here in southie. Often we hear the question “What can I do to get better at crossfit?” Well there flapjack lets hit some basics. Fortunately many if not all of these fundamentals of success ride together in one happy carpool that is the community and gym.
1. It’s better with a friend. One of the things that defines crossfit in general is it’s a “Community” of individuals interested in making fitness fun. I can think of 3 real good reasons why training is better with a friend. Misery loves company, accountability and that extra push that takes you to the next level. The community here at southie is one of positivity and fun. Know your schedule. Have regular attendance. There is a difference between wanting to go and deciding to go. Between you and your crossfit buddies know the days you guys train and be accountable for attending, hold your friends accountable. Generally the members that have good attitudes and enjoy being here stick around. Out of those individuals that stick around they are pretty cool so make a feaking friend. Bring a friend. Meet a new friend. There are too many cool, fun individuals who are going to be partnered up with you on the platform’s, without headphones and unplugged from technology not to make a friend. Outside of college this is one of the biggest gatherings of young, cool, fun, motivated individuals ready to hang out and have fun that you will find. This is number one for a reason. Making friends in the adult world is often few and far between. How to meet new people who have your similar goals and are actively engaged in becoming better? Look around, say hi, have fun, see you next time. Last but not least, your success is your friends success, and their success is your success. This is one of the few places where yelling and rooot-hooot-hooing is encouraged. Push your friends to the next level and they will push you to be your best.
2. Journal your Biz. This is basic basic must have. DOOOOOO IT! K? We test and retest constantly. We squat, press, clean, snatch, all that fun-ness on a regular basis. A journal allows you to track your progress as well as develop strategies to further your future progress. Furthermore you can see exactly patterns in your training, so when you’re here for open gym or getting some extra skill work in you can easily see your lack of handstand walking practice or strict pull-up progress.
3. Plan Ahead.  Furthermore planning ahead goes along with the journaling. For new athletes (first 2 years or so) a linear progression program is one that you increase your lifts incrementally at specific rate over time. One very easy example is using the back squat. We will be squatting every week like clockwork. With your journal you will know exactly what kind of squat for how many reps and what weight you squatted at last time and the time before that and so on. Each time you back squat for sets of 5 or 3, add 5 lbs. Using this approach sometimes requires patience and other times a push. Some weeks you may feel good and want to push it, add 5lbs. Other weeks the reps may be a real struggle, add 5lbs. Feel good? Add 5lbs. Is it tough? Add 5lbs. Get the idea? The key is pre determined regular increases. Not whatever the heck the wind blows in. as you add weight over the course of weeks you will miss it and that’s ok, you will miss it. Try the set again. If you don’t get it that day that’s ok. Next week drop some weight for a “Reset” that means drop 10-15lbs and then over the next couple weeks work your way back up and then past your previous weight by 5lbs at a time. Vacations are a great time to reset. Know your strength numbers from before Cabo Mexico and drop a few lbs off the squat press ect on the return in order to work up to and past those weights in the next few weeks.


30s work:30s Rest
Kettlebell Swings
Box Jumps
Toes to Bar

Complete 4 rounds at each station for max reps and then rotate. Your score is your total number of reps for each station.