Leg, Push, Pull

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Every 2 Minutes on the Minute for 6 Minutes
Run 100m with an odd object
Round 1. AMRAP Lunges
Round 2. AMRAP Bench Dips
Round 3. AMRAP Scap Pull Ups or Bent Over Rows

Single arm Bench Press Hips off Bench*

Odd – 10 Reps Right
Even – 10 Reps Left

*Use a chair or an elevated surface such as a wall ball. If you do not have anything like that to bridge your hips, complete a floor press with your hips off the floor & glutes engaged.

Rest 3 minutes

7 Bent-over Reverse Flies*

*Use light plates, DBs, Soup Cans or Banded Resistance

Equipped WOD
Lunges (1.5,1)
Ring Dips
Pull Ups

E2MOM- 100m odd object carry, or stair climb, or hill sprint

The workout starts with the odd object carry.

Lunges (1.5,1)
Bench Dips
Bent-over Rows*

The workout starts with the odd object carry.

*Split reps between sides for single object Rows.

Extra Work
3 Rounds of
Max L-sit Hold*
Max Handstand Hold
*If you do not have rings or parallettes, use anything around the house to support your body (chairs,etc..). You could also perform from a hanging position or sub in a hollow hold. Rest as much time as needed between efforts.