Best Version of You

Why do you want to become fit? Why do you wake up early or show up after a long day at work, lace up those nanos, and enter into a grueling WOD that’s sure to leave you gasping for breath and drenched in sweat? Some people might think we’re a little (or a lot) crazy for doing what we do. Taylor - Power comes from the beard...But I think it’s because inherent in everyone, there is a desire to become the best version of you. Not everyone is willing to put in the work and prioritize their lifestyle choices to achieve their potential. But for those of us who have that dedication, a little suffering in the present makes us stronger for the long run, for whatever life throws at us.

Now the way I see it, our health is not something we should take for granted. Fitness is a blessing, and it is something that can improve all aspects of our lives. Outside of the gym, the majority of things that happen to us are beyond our control. But we can control our attitude and how we respond to life’s challenges. I think that we can bring that fire we have in our approach to a WOD to all the other endeavors of our lives. It pays dividends in our school, work, and home lives, making once seemingly impossible tasks a lot more manageable. The challenges don’t change, but our attitude towards them can. I also believe that pushing ourselves to become better is not just for us; it is for those people in our lives that are closest to us as well. This means putting our whole heart into becoming the best father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, and friend that we can be. All the parents out there, I know you can be, and are, great role models for your children. And for the present and future grandparents, who wouldn’t want to be fit enough to run around and play with their grandkids for years to come?

Like I said, fitness is a blessing, and it is not something that everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of. It takes hard work to achieve your best. You owe it to yourself to test your physical and mental limits that we all place on ourselves-you may be surprised at what you are capable of. Don’t be afraid to find out what your best version of yourself really is: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. Don’t be satisfied with being ordinary, the bear minimum of yourself; find out what drives you to take your fitness, and your life, to the next level. For me personally, it means doing everything I can, using what was given to me, to glorify God, in my training and other areas of my life. Whatever your motivation may be, I hope all you can realize the potential that you all have to achieve incredible things.

So why settle for mediocrity when we were made to be great? It’s OK to never be satisfied, to create new goals once we achieve the old ones. It’s about constantly raising the bar for yourself in your life, inside and outside the gym. I don’t think anyone truly can be content with being ordinary; we should all be striving to become the best versions of ourselves.   ~Some words of wisdom from Mike Hyatt

Save the Date: CrossFit Southie Pullup Seminar!
In other news, check out the Crossfit Southie Pullup Seminar! Finally, another chance to work on your pullups! Crossfit Southie will be hosting an hour long seminar dedicated solely to the skills required to master and perfect your pullups. The seminar will cover an explanation of the kip, basic kipping drills, how to utilize the bands in a workout, linking together multiple reps, and butterfly pullups/muscle-ups for more advanced athletes. Groups will be broken up according to skill level so that athletes will gain the most from the session. There will be a short AMRAP at the end of the session putting the pullup skills learned to use so come prepared to get a workout in! The session will end with a discussion of ways to properly recover from shoulder intense workouts via mobilization and stretching. Don’t hesitate to sign up, there is always something that could use a little more improvement to become more proficient athlete. This seminar is free for CFS members and open to CrossFit athletes outside of the Southie community for $20, so convince some friends to join you! Click on the link below to sign up!

Date: Saturday, June 21st
Time: 11:30-12:30
Occasion: Mini Pullup Seminar
Invited: All levels- no requirements
Purpose: Take your pull-ups to the next level!
Sign Up Here!


5 Rounds
20 Push-ups
30 Box Jumps
40 Calories on the Rower

Level 2- 15-20-30
Level 1- 4 Rounds, 15-20-30