In-House Throwdown WOD Announcement!

“No Strings Attached”kettlebell swing
2 Rounds
30 Synchronized Box Jumps
Then, gauntlet style:
20/15 Calorie Row
40 Kettlebell Movements (1.5pd)
20 Pull Ups

At “Go!” all three team members will start box jumps together. Once the team has completed 30 synchronized reps, Athlete 1 will move to Station 1 and begin to row. Once complete, he/she will move to Station 2 and begin his/her kettlebell movements. Athlete 2 will start to row. This will continue until all athletes make it through all 3 stations. Athletes cannot move on until the station in front of them is clear. One call of the athletes have made it through the gauntlet, the team will begin a second round, starting with 30 synchronized box jumps again. Time stops when the final athlete has made it through the gauntlet for the second round. Teams can enter the gauntlet in any order and switch orders from the first to second round.

6c9aafd019e800100a6da115b649007091123906Box Jumps
Rx Men = 24” Box Jumps
Rx Women = 20” Box Jumps
Scaled Men = 24” Box Jumps OR Step Ups
Scaled Women = 20” Box Jumps OR Step Ups
*Teammates must synchronize at top of the box. Everyone must be standing to full extension at the top of the box at the same time in order for the rep to count.

Kettlebell Movements
Rx Men = American Swings (overhead)
Rx Women/Scaled Men = Russian Swings (past shoulders)
Scaled Women = Kettlebell Deadlift

Pull Ups
One athlete must complete chest to bar pull ups. One athlete must complete unassisted chin over bar pull ups. One athlete must complete jumping pull ups. Teams can decide which athlete does what.

The deadline to sign up for the In-House Throwdown will be Thursday (5/5) at 12pm. Teams will be announced shortly after to allow you time to coordinate, plan team names & outfits! If you have not yet signed up but plan to compete, please sign up HERE ASAP. Not competing but want to help out? We could use some volunteers! Please click HERE to sign up.