Gym PSA – Let’s All Stay Healthy! & February Achievements!

Dale & Sheazo – head to head

Gym PSA: Let’s All Stay Healthy!
With all this coronavirus hysteria, we want to continue to be your happy place!

We have great news, the virus cannot be spread through sweat! I think everyone knows by know that COVID-19 spreads from droplets spewing from sneezing and coughing (yum). SO, we are asking that if you have a cold or cough that you take a little time off until the sneezing and coughing is under control. Just shoot us a quick email and we can put a hold on your account.

In addition to this, to be safe we suggest washing your hands pre and post workout and also ask that you wipe down your equipment pre and post workout. We have a regular cleaning schedule, but as you know the turn-over from class to class is quick and it’s impossible to disinfect everything after every use. Compared to most public places we do have a controlled environment with responsible healthy adults (with a few exceptions).If everyone does their part we will all be more protected and will have more confidence about crushing WODs germ free.

We all do CrossFit because it helps us stay healthy and prevent diseases. Think of this as the same, preventative measures go a long way. Have a happy, positive day!

February Achievements
Great work on another month of crushing the PR board everyone! Below are your February achievements. If we missed any please let us know, we love celebrating with you! Scroll down to see our updated 1K Row Leaderboard!

Run 1 Loop


-12/10 Calorie Row
-Hollow Hold Alphabet Letters A-M*
-10 Dead Hang Alternating Switch Grip**
-12/10 Calorie Row
Hollow Hold Alphabet Letters N-Z
-10 Hip Touches Each Side

1200m Run
Calorie Row
Abmat Sit-ups

Level 2- 30-20-10 Pull-ups
Level 1- 30-20-10 Reps
ADV- chest to bar, Ski Erg, GHD Sit-ups

Extra Work
Build to a heavy set of
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Power Cleans
5 Thrusters