Gear for Grunts

CrossFit Southie, ‘tis the season to be merry: a time for joy, giving thanks, Christmas trees, Oldies 103.3 Christmas music, overly aggressive mall shoppers, movie marathons of Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, and Home Alone (1 and 2) on repeat, egg nog, apple pie, college football Bowl Week, and most importantly – charities.

While giving to any charity represents a great act of kindness around this time of year, we often do not know exactly who receives our items.

Prior to moving back to Boston last February, I served as a Marine officer. A few of my close friends currently serve as infantry platoon commanders over in Afghanistan and have reached out for assistance. This year we will be running an in-house charity where all items donated will go directly to their Marines serving on the front lines.

Enter Gear for Grunts.

Despite our Nation’s great wealth and resources, many of the most basic items needed for a Marine infantry unit to remain effective and safe in combat are lacking. Most of the items below outlined by my friend Mark fall into this category. The others represent basic items inherent for maintaining high morale and a healthy mental state. The units receiving these gifts will be:
– Echo Company, 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
– 2nd Platoon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion 7th Marines
– Bravo Company,1st Battalion, 25th Marines (based out of MA and NH)

Please feel free to drop some of these items in the boxes in both Southie Orange and Green.

Happy Holidays and Semper Fidelis

BLACK socks (wool/acrylic or cotton)
we can only wear black, od green, or grey socks. Please no white socks. They are banned. We are on foot long hours, socks are the single most important item.

Wet Wipes
Cleaning body
We have limited to no access to showers or running water. Baby wipes are important.
Cottonelle Fresh Wipes are the best.

AAA/AA Batteries
These power our Garmin wrist gps that are critical to patrolling. headlamps for night use, optics for weapons also need batteries.

Body cleansing
Preferably liquid body soap- old spice, axe, etc. Anything that can be used for bathing.

Any type of coffee grounds. Starbucks/dunkin donuts, etc. instant packets- things of that nature. We have access to hot water. This is a huge help when we are going for days on end with little to no sleep.

Magazines/Newspapers (current and past)
US Weekly, People, Economist, anything that has current events. You’d be surprised how much the Marines read US weekly- and how much it can take their minds off the stress of combat

Beef jerky
Light and easy to carry. High in protein. Keeps for long time.

Ramen Noodles

Mac and Cheese

LaraBars/Protein/shakers etc…

Hand Warmers

WOD– CrossFit Total
1RM Back Squat
1RM Press
1RM Deadlift

For rules and regulation on the Total click here. You will have 20 minutes to find a 1rm for the Squat, 15 minutes for the Press and 20 minutes for the Deadlift. You will only have 5 minutes to warm up since the Total takes so long so if you need extra warm up time please get her early. Also, please take the time before to think about the your capabilities and the numbers you will be shooting for.

475 squat. 225 press. 575 Deadlift.=1275 CFT