Garage Games WODs

Garage Games WOD #1 Released – “Hulk Salad”

“Hulk Salad”
8 minutes to establish max weight without removing hands from the bar:
2 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
2 Shoulder to Overhead
Garage Games WOD #1 Released – “Hulk Salad”

Standards – Clips are required on the bar and the athlete must confirm their weight weight with the judge before each attempt. The athletes hands may never leave the bar. The Power clean may be a split clean but may not be a full squat clean. Genie squats are not allowed. Make sure not to short the extension on the first Front Squat rep. Hip crease below the knee for each rep. You may not Squat Clean your first Front Squat Rep. You may not Thruster your first Shoulder to Overhead Rep and count it as a Front Squat and Overhead. If you Push Jerk or Split Jerk the weight you must stand up completely with your feet under you hips showing control until your judge gives you the okay. Once the bar is at your shoulders for the front squats you may not return to the ground until the complex is complete.

Garage Games WOD #2 – “Queezy Baby”

“Queezy baby”
8 minute amrap
6 burpee up and over the box
7 pull-ups- c2b for guys

Scaled – Blue band/ Can step up and over


Burpee –chest, not just stomach, must come in contact with the ground for each rep. An easy way to do so is to release your hands, like in a hands release push up.

Box Jump – just get over it. You can be facing forward or laterally. If you jump on it you do not have to open the hips on the box. You can clear the box but feet must clearly be above the box and not to the side. If it is questionable, it will be a no rep.

Pull-Up – men c2b. Chest (below the clavicle) must come in clear contact with the bar. We’re looking for full extension of the arms at the bottom. Women – no C2b. Chin must clearly be above the bar.

Judgeing/Volunteer List & Garage Games WOD #3 – “Loop, Swoop & Pull”

“Loop, Swoop, and Pull”
In 11 minutes
Run 1 mile
then in the remaining time AMRAP squat snatches (115,75)

Each athlete will get a separate score for the mile run finish time and for the number of snatches they complete.

Scaled – (75,45)


Run – Three loops around the block is approximately 1 mile. Each athlete will start at their bar and will finish when they touch their bar. Athletes are required to follow the designated route around the cones or a five burpee penalty will be assessed each time an infarction occurs.

Squat Snatch – The bar starts on the ground resting for each rep. The athlete may power snatch and then overhead squat. Hip crease below the knee is required. The athlete must come to a full stand, with feet directly underneath the hips, before lowering the weight.

Garage Games WOD #4 – “Awful Waffle”

“Awful Waffle”
40 Calories
35 Double Unders
30 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1)
25 Hand release push-ups
20 Deadlifts (225,145)-strip bar when done
15 hang power cleans (135,95)
10 shoulder to overhead

13 minute cut-off
Scaled – 70 singles, KB (1,26), DL (185,95), HPC & STOH (95/65)


Row – The athlete must wait for the 3-2-1 Go! Call before grabbing the handle. In the event that the athlete touches the handle before the call there will be a 5 burpee penalty assessed after the row. The athlete may not let go of the handle until the screen reaches 40 calories and the judge gives the okay. If the athlete let’s go early an additional 5 burpees will be assessed. After completing the row and any burpees the athlete must stand up the rower before preceding the dubs.

Dubs – Rope passes under twice with each jump.

KB Swings – No droopy kettlebells will be allowed but the standards will not be as strict as the 2011 Regionals. Point the bell end straight up with ears visible in front of arms and shoulders, hips and ankles all in a straight line.

HRPU – Lead with the chest, no flopping allowed. The chest must touch the ground before the legs do. Full arm lock out at the top of each rep.

Deadlifts – Hips fully open at the top, knees locked out and shoulders behind the bar. Both sets of plates on the bar must come in contact with the ground for each rep at the same time. You may drop from the top. No bouncing of the bar is allowed. After completing the deadlifts, the athlete is responsible for stripping the bar down to the correct weight.

Hang Power Cleans – Each rep initiates from the hang postion. If you pick the bar up off the floor there must be a clear stop at the hips before preceding to your hang power clean. Stand up fully with the weight with the feet directly under the hips for each rep before lowering the weight.

Shoulder to Overhead – You may press, push press, Cuban press, push jerk, split jerk. If you push or split jerk, you must stand up fully with the weight with the feet directly under the hips for each rep. There must be clear visibility of the ears in front of the arms for each rep and the athlete must show control at the finish position.

Garage Games WOD #5 – “Short, Fast and Deadly”

“Short, Fast and Deadly”
5 Rounds
10 Thrusters (95,65)
10 Toes to bar

10 minute cut-off

Scaled – 10 thrusters (65,35) 20 sit-ups


Thruster – the athlete may squat clean the first rep. The good rep requires the hip to pass below the crease of the knee and at the top of the press the ears must be visible in front of the arms with the shoulder, hips and ankles stacked on top of one another.

TTB – Both feet must come in contact with the bar at the same time. At the bottom, both feet must break the plane of the pull up bar.

Garage Games WOD #6 – ?

The top 10 in the Rx division will compete in a final WOD to be announced on Sunday. Best of luck to everyone!